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Unique Timeless Elegant. Since 2016, YOU MAWO has been producing 100% individualised 30 printing frames, based on our customers face scan. Our aim is to combine timeless design and the peculiarity of every human being. You don’t have to decide anymore, because our experience, our will for constant further development and the highest quality ,,Made in Germany” guarantee you the highest wearing comfort, elegance and an individual look. It is your view of the world. It’s your glasses. It’s YOU MAWO.

Bespoke 3D Print Eyewear based on a 3D scan - All made in Germany

Air Collection
Air Collection. Details
Air Collection.

Classic Collection, simply beautiful

Even the basic designs of our YOU MAWO CLASSIC COLLECTION are characterised by an outstanding fit. INNOVATIVE. INDIVIDUAL. DESIGN. Timeless design in a modern coat with clear lines and fine edges, high quality workmanship. A harmonious com¬bination of design and wearing comfort paired with the latest high-tech technology The CLASSIC COLLECTION is technically and dynamically optimised and based on the analysis of hundreds of individual faces. In this way, the average face geometry of the target group is incorporated into the design process. We also offer completely new models with light metal temples which, in combination with the polyamide frame, create a fresh and filigree look.

Air Collection, suddenly lightless

It is the moments in life that are unforgettable. The moments when everything happens ea­sily, almost weightlessly. It al­most feels like flying. Just like our brand new collection YOU MAWO AIR. As the world’s first eyewear brand, we have succee­ded in translating the material AIRA/v1/D onto spectacles and are now proud to present a col­lection that looks even slimmer, finer and more discreet. Under­statement and elegance paired with 100 % YOU MAWO quality. Take off with us: YOU MAWO AIR!