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Huxley - ULX Collection

Haffmans & Neumeister launches
Italic Collection and unveils first look at ULX range

This season marks the launch of two of Haffmans & Neumeister’s most innovative and technically
sophisticated eyewear lines to date: The Italic and ULX Collections. Debuting this fall, both ranges will
introduce the brand’s newly developed 0.7 mm material thickness, thereby ushering in a milestone in the
evolution of the flat sheet metal frame. Characterized not only by an improved fit and wearing comfort, the
new Italic and ULX Collections will offer a carefully curated range of styles that are distinctive in their design
language and execution. In addition to the new debuts, the Ultralight Collection expands, offering a number
of new AW—20/21 Optical and Sun styles.

Huxley ULX Collection

ULX Collection

The brand new ULX Collection is turning attention to the timelessly stylish and effortless classics, launching
four universally-fitting flat sheet metal designs with a material thickness of 0.7 mm. Barely visible to the
naked eye, this 0.1 mm increase is marking a technological breakthrough in the development of the sheet
metal frame. Made possible by the sophisticated rivet hinge, ULX styles provide an enhanced feeling of
security whilst maintaining their ultra-thin, jewelry-like aesthetic, thus offering the wearer an attractive
alternative to the Ultralight Collection. The ULX Collection too is complementing Haffmans & Neumeister’s
permanent eyewear portfolio, making its debut with two panto and two square shapes of international

Harrington ULX Collection


For AW—20/21, the Ultralight Collection is receiving an update through the addition of four manufactoryfresh
Optical and Sun styles, available in two sleek, metal-toned executions each. The range expands offering
modern-day interpretations of the papillon, navigator, and cat-eye shapes, showcasing some of Haffmans &
Neumeister’s sharpest designs to date.

Felicity Ultralight Sun Collection
Lovelace Ultralight Collection

ITALIC Collection

Handcrafted from premium-quality stainless steel and Italian acetate, the soon-to-be-released Italic
Collection is putting a fresh twist on the classic Windsor ring. For this explicitly feminine range, Haffmans &
Neumeister has fused its signature minimalist aesthetic with playful accents of pastel-toned acetate. An
expansion of the permanent product portfolio, the collection explores the brand’s overarching theme of
typography further, this time introducing contours akin to those of italics. The collection launches with five
scene-stealing Optical styles, all of which are adjustable and equipped with Haffmans & Neumeister’s
proprietary rivet hinge.