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Tradition in Advangarde
Haffmans & Neumeister has set itself the objective of continuing a history dating back over 20 years in the premium eyewear segment, linking the traditional with the avantgarde. With ic! berlin and MYKITA, Haffmans & Neumeister conquered and transformed the eyewear market through the invention of, and innovative experiments with, flat sheet-metal frames. All steps of production—from design to manufacturing and sale—are taken care of in-house in Berlin.

Haffmans & Neumeister frames are characterized by an integral combination of innovative technical solutions, aesthetic and timeless design, and high-quality materials. They have a high practical value, while their unmistakable design and conceptual realization concentrate on the essentials—making them easily accessible, and ageless. The philosophy contributes to the products brand recognition and distinguishes the frames from those of other manufacturers.

Daniel Haffmans

Born 1971 in southern Germany, Daniel spent his early life collecting valuable impressions while living in West Africa. He studied Architecture in Berlin and Milan before starting Unit Berlin as managing partner in 1998. It was there that he began branding for ic! berlin, eventually joining the team as their global brand director. Daniel left ic! berlin with his brother, Philipp, and together they went on to launch MYKITA. As Managing Partner of MYKITA Daniel created some of retail’s top concepts with each of the striking MYKITA boutique designs. In 2016 Daniel and Philipp, along with Jean-Pierre Neumeister, founded Haffmans & Neumeister.

Born March, 1968, in Bonn, Germany, Philipp’s formative years in West Africa inspire him to this day. He received an Industrial Design degree from UdK, school of arts, but not before launching his first eyewear label, ic! berlin. Originally born out of a competition Philipp had entered during his studies, ic! berlin was a revolutionary concept that proved to be a viable product in the marketplace as well. Six years later, in 2003, he founded MYKITA as a partner and Design Director. The brand inhabited the idea of a Haus—where all aspects of design, production, and marketing took place under one roof—and went on to become an industry juggernaut. Together, with MYKITA partners Daniel Haffmans (Philipp’s brother) and Jean-Pierre Neumeister, a third eyewear label has been created: Haffmans & Neumeister.

Philipp Haffmans
Jean-Pierre Neumeister

Born July 1964 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Jean-Pierre was raised near Munich. Surrounded by art and culture throughout his adolescence, he went on to study Industrial Design at UdK, Art school of West-Berlin. Jean-Pierre worked as a freelance product-designer focusing on welding and ceramics before becoming partner at MYKITA. After leaving MYKITA, he founded the art gallery Neumeister Bar-Am. In 2016 Jean-Pierre teamed up with his former partners Daniel and Philipp Haffmans and created Haffmans & Neumeister.